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On Tuesday January 9th and Wednesday January 10th, Parent Teacher Meetings were held in both Xavier Jesuit School and Dey Lo School Primary Schools. These are the first of two Parent Teacher meetings held twice yearly.  The meeting began with welcoming and thanking the Parents for coming and the introduction of the School Leadership Team.

A video of the Students’ Activities for 2017 -2018 was watched with keen interest by the parents. This was followed by the sharing of experience on teaching and the students learning.  The aim of the presentation was to offer the Parents some understanding of the Curriculum; to continue to  request their support and help in the education of their child, and to offer whatever assistance and encouragement they can, so that their child will continue to apply themselves well to their school work.  Our Home School Liaison person also reflected on the important link between the family and the school in the Education of their child.

Then the parents went to view the individual files and work of the children since the beginning of this Academic Year.  This one to one meeting with the teacher also offered the opportunity to discuss the progress of their child.  A tasty snack was provided for all.