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News Letter #1

A DREAM IN THE MAKING FOR THE JESUITS IN CAMBODIA by Quyen Vu SJ Seven months have passed since I first arrived in Phnom Penh to begin my new Mission in the area of education, having just completed a previous mission in Timor Leste. The education system and challenges in both these countries are very […]

The Characteristics of Jesuit Education

The Characteristics of Jesuit Education was published in 1987 as the charter for Jesuit schools. Composed by an international commission, which met over four years and consulted worldwide, it is based on the life and writings of the Jesuit founder St Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556), on the history of Jesuit education since the first school was […]

History of Jesuit Educational Activity in Cambodia

A few Jesuits came to Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge regime, mainly to serve the Chinese Catholic community in Phnom Penh but there was no official Jesuit mission in Cambodia until after the peace agreements were signed in 1991. However during the 1980s, Fr. Pierre Ceyrac S.J., a French Jesuit priest and long-term missionary from […]

Discerning a Major Focus Jan 2013

“What is clear that the fruit of that discernment is that education is important for the future of Cambodia and the Society feels called to make a contribution in this area. I support and encourage this decision to explore some form of educational ministry in Cambodia”.