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A Visual Art Workshop was held in Dey Lo School, August 14th -18th 2017 for Kindergarten Teachers from the Battembang Prefecture. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Wendy Tang, Ms. Katherine Cheung and Mr. Jonathan Yim from Hong Kong.  Laughter filled the air as the participants engaged in the workshop.

Recycled materials and simples tools were used as well as different parts of the hand in designing various activities, to demonstrate that art is not restricted to drawing or to the use of one medium – a pencil.  Another dimension of the workshop was an awareness of how the use of colours expresses emotion/mood and feeling.

From the various activities, the teachers came to realize that each one has the ability to be creative. Each day had a particular theme: For example the world of the fish, a scene from a forest. The workshop challenged the teachers to think creatively and to integrate story with objects.

Apart from learning new techniques, the participants showed remarkable understanding in extending and integrating visual art activity into their teaching other areas of the School Curriculum.

On the closing day of the workshop, Fr Quyen presented the participants with certificates. He congratulated them on their great effort and enthusiasm. He encouraged them to pass on their newly acquired skills to the students in their respective schools.