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On Monday and Tuesday, the 7th and 8th of August, our Learning Pathways Advisory Group held a consultation with education experts from other countries.  The Khmer LPAG members included Dr. Sam Rany from the University of Battambang, Ms. Srey Ponhacka and Ms. Pha Vicheat from the Teacher Training Colleges of Phnom Penh and Battambang.  The foreign LPAG members included Professor Marie Emmitt from Australia, Ms. Sumitra Phongsathorn from Thailand and Ms. Petrina May Ting from Singapore.  Dr. Rany explained the challenges facing Cambodian Education at this time while Ms. Ponhacka and Vicheat explained the reforms being applied to the Teacher Training Programs of the Ministry of Education.  Fr. Ashley gave an up-date on the state of the Xavier Jesuit School Education Project after the first four years of its operation.  Then each of the five “units”, the Primary School, the Secondary School, the Community Learning Centre, the Teacher Resource Centre and the Central Administration Office outlined the “burning issues” for which expert advice was needed.  The five other external experts, Dr. John Tan and Dr. Stephanie Chan from Hong Kong, Br. John D’Cruz from Malaysia, Dr. Maureen Costello from Ireland and Fr. Weyms Sanchez from Timor Leste and the Philippines, were then invited to join different groups in order to allow a deepening of the issues concerned.  The whole School team including the three Presentation Sisters also participated along with some teachers and staff including, Ms. Sela, Ms. Kunthea, Mr. Rath, Ms. Sinat and Ms. Saory.  Mr. Martin Maindiaux from Enfants du Mekong also offered helpful advice.   The principal fruit of this consultation might be the need to prioritise the quality of the learning processes in the primary and secondary schools over and above the programs of the Community Learning Centre and the Teacher Resource Centre for the next few years.  Once this quality is reached, all the rest will follow.  The deep spiritual exchange between our Khmer teachers and the foreign experts was an unexpected bonus.  Thanks to Sr. Len from Maryknoll who facilitated the whole process!