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Sr. Lizzy
Sr. Lizzy Matthew
Teacher Trainer & English Teacher

I am Sr. Lizzy Mathew, a Presentation Sister from India. I joined the Congregation of the Presentation Sisters in 1981 and made my first Profession in 1986.  I began my ministry in the Congregation as a Primary school teacher and later on moved to teaching high school students.  I have taught in number of Presentation Schools in India. I have also had the opportunity to teach in a Diocesan school in Mumbai, for two years. For the past ten years I’ve been involved in Formation and the Leadership Ministry of the Congregation. At this juncture in my life I felt drawn to respond to the invitation to collaborate with Xavier Jesuit School Project, Cambodia. I delight in teaching and being with young people. For me, teaching is a learning experience and so, I now look forward to new possibilities and new learnings …