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On the 29th of July 2017 at 17.30, all the school teachers, volunteers and staff gathered in the new multi-purpose hall for a farewell party. Fr. Quyen Vu welcomed the three Presentation Sisters, Srs. Lizzy, Anne and Preethi back to Sisophon after eight months of language study in Phnom Penh.  Four key people are leaving the Xavier Jesuit School Project at the end of this academic year.  Fr. Quyen thanked Fr. Ashley Evans for his patience and perseverance in promoting this school project for over twenty years before finally realizing it in 2013 and wished him well for his sabbatical.  Ms. Kunthea, the primary school coordinator at the Phnom Bak campus, thanked Ms. Phon Sonai for her pastoral care and encouragement of all the staff over the last three and a half years and wished her all the best for her married life in Spain.  Mr. Yom Yeat, the Khmer teacher of the grade 7 class and the scout leader, thanked Mr. Antoine Laroche for his dedicated teaching of English and Computers at the Community Learning Centre but also for his kind and caring leadership behind the scenes of the cub-scout group.  Ms. Srey Touch, one of the teachers from the Dey Lo campus thanked Ms. Samuay for her lively and caring manner of teaching the kindergarten children and wished her will in her married life in Phnom Penh.  The village chief explained that the commune chief deeply regretted that he could not come as he had to travel to Battambang for medical treatment.  After the meal, the teachers put on some sketches and dances while seven birthday cakes were produced for all those who had birthdays over the last month.  The seven scout leaders also received certifications of recognition of their generous voluntary service.   The evening finished with some general dancing and happy chaos.