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The visual arts workshop held from 11 to 15, Sept. was a fantastic mission. It was a good opportunity to introduce Art education to the teachers from public schools, for they are so obstructed from teaching art to their students. There were 24 teachers from local school and 9 teachers from the xjs participating in the workshop. All of them made an extraordinary achievement during this week. They started from observing the made up of FORM through SHAPE, LINE and DOT, then learning basic colour theory and principals of design by drawing and dressing up for a fashion show. They got a big satisfaction after touching the technique of drawing face and body in motion. On the last day, we taught them simple Chinese painting and making Chinese lantern. That really brought a surprising joy to all of us. We hope this workshop can end up in developing a connection to the xjs and the local schools so that we can bring the Art education in our schools to a brighter future.