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On Friday the 4th of August at 7.30 a.m., Ms. Sokchea and Kanit led their grade 2 class across from the CLC building to the new Multi-purpose hall for the closing ceremony of the academic year of 2016-17.  The parents and guardians of the children from the Dey Lo campus had already brought their children into the hall while the teachers gathered them according to their class groups of K2, K3, G1 and G2.   Soon all seven classes of the Xavier Jesuit Primary School had assembled with their teachers and guardians.  After a slide show by our secretary, Mr. Videth, illustrating the wide activity of educational activities undertaken during the school year, Br. Damo encouraged the parents to notice the School Logo and understand how the four principal Khmer virtues are included in it. Ms. Channleak invited each class onto the stage to sing a song or perform a dance for the assembly.  Then prizes were awarded to those children who reached 100% attendance during the school year and for good behavior.  For the primary classes, there were awards for the students who finished in the top five of their class.  At the end of the ceremony, Br. Hyun-woo, our music teacher, led all seven classes to perform three song and dance routines together.  The parents and guardians then shared snacks with all the children before heading home for the long vacation!